Guilford Group Combines Strong U.S. Presence With Deep Knowledge Of India to Leverage Offshore IT Capabilities for its' Clients.

Offshore outsourcing is an increasingly attractive way of reducing costs, taking advantage of lower costs in developing countries. In many cases, it is becoming essential just to remain cost competitive. Today, firms engage in a variety of outsourcing relationships to access infrastructure technologies, improve business applications, change business processes, etc. 

However, there are risks involved in entering an unfamiliar environment. Many small and medium-sized companies have tried and found that it is not easy.  There are strong language and cultural differences that make communication more difficult. There are significant time differences with Asia. There can be legal, regulatory and tax issues to consider. We can significantly reduce the risks.

India is one of the leading destinations for IT and software development. Indians do speak English; the legal system is based on English law; there are strong technical educational institutions (such as the IITs) and India has one of the world’s largest pool of scientists, engineers and computer experts. To take advantage of the opportunities that India offers, US firm needs to overcome several challenges. 

Challenges in India Outsourcing
  1. While English is common, the accent can be difficult; India’s 22 national languages, hundreds of dialects make this more complex!
  2. There is a 9 ½ or 10 ½ hour time difference from Eastern Time (India does not observe daylight savings time).
  3. Electrical outages are common; supplier must have back up
  4. Government rules, regulations and controls can be formidable – even after numerous attempts by India to simplify.
  5. Strongly hierarchical society which requires that you work within the chain of command to be effective.
  6. Building strong, interpersonal relationships with your business associates beyond their business personas is important (like most eastern cultures you do not jump into business immediately).
  7. A “hesitant” yes may actually mean a NO! (Indians tend to avoid confrontation).
  8. Times and deadlines tend to be more fluid (three thousand years of history does that to you).
  9. Change needs to be managed carefully and is not easily embraced.

We can help you meet the challenges and lower your costs by managing India for you:  

  • Culturally-savvy, US based personnel manage projects as well as maintenance & support with our strong US presence but achieve cost savings with offshore support. 
  • For you, it’s just  like working with an American company.

Guilford Managed Offshore Services has developed a simple model that can help you meet the challenges and take advantage of lower costs and deep technical capabilities in India. 

Let us help you be more cost competitive and effectively manage the India interface for you. We use US based professionals who ensure project management and implementation almost as if it was an all-US based team. 

Our Model
  1. Partnering with a leading India based IT Support Company with nearly 400 employees.
  2. Work with them a on regular basis, building the essential relationships.
  3. Have full time people at the India location who:
    • Work on our projects and support services.
    • Pull in more resources as needed – allowing flex support.
  4. Have highly experienced managers in the US who have set up, managed and developed India sourcing for leading US companies.
  5. Usually starts with a one-to-one relationship between US company and India based personnel. Over time, this relationship can expand to include three additional resources in India who can be managed by one point person in the US.

Guilford Group has successfully started implementing this model

  1. We are providing Maintenance & Support for enterprise level systems for one of the major national railways. This includes system upgrades. We are expanding this for other clients.
    • The key customer contacts and project management is in the USA 
    • More and more of the day-to-day work is being done in India
    • India employees have system access 
  2. We are developing several software products partially or completely in India. 
    • The concept, architecture and design is in the USA 
    • The coding and testing is primarily in India  
    • The quality control is back in the USA 
  3. Using our India resources to support projects for a variety of clients with coding and testing  primarily in India. These include:
    • Mobile solutions, including iOS and Android
    • Web design and development, focus on leveraging the web for business solutions
    • Geo-location/Mapping
  4. Our India Specialist is an expert in Cultural training. He has trained thousands of Americans at leading companies to improve there working with Indians and thousands of Indians on how to work with Americans. 
    • Our Indian expert has trained executives and managers at Intel, PTC, NetApp, Intuit, LSI, Lennar, Sandia National Labs, and many other companies.
    • We provide a course called "Working with India." This helps one to understand Indian business protocol, cultural values and communication styles.  
    • Teaches Indian business protocol that builds respect.
    • Provides insight into Indian practices for attracting and retaining talent for initiative and innovation such as meeting deadlines, conducting meetings, emailing, managing, motivating, etc.
    • This is an onsite, instructor led program that lasts five hours. More in-depth workshops for individual companies can be available upon request.
  5. We have deep experience troubleshooting  and business building in India for leading companies including Microsoft, Intel, Aearo (now 3M), Chromalox.
  6. We can set up turnkey operations for you. Our partners have experience in setting up operations for leading companies.

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