Guilford Group is excited to announce our new sales forecasting tool! SalesForekast™ is cloud-based software that allows users to find out which macroeconomic factors drive sales or markets. It uses correlated sales history with macroeconomic indicators as well as projects sales for a company, division, or even a product line based on the last five years of sales history. These projections are valuable in several areas, including understanding what drives a business, budgetary planning, valuations, and more.

Here's what SalesForekast™ can do:


Forecasting for Internal Sales, Public Companies, and Market Sectors

Perform internal company forecasting using the user's own metrics or review public company and market sector forecasts.

historical data.png

Easily Import and Enter Sales Data

SalesForekast™ auto-imports public company data from stock symbols, market data from industry codes, and allows easy importing of internal sales data.

Discover Correlations.png

Find Correlations from 30+ Economic Indicators

Users can hand-pick which macroeconomic indicators to include in their forecasts or use the automated suggestions.

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View a Range of Forecasts and Test Sensitivities

Forecasts are saved for easy reference and allow users to experiment, change indicators, and test sensitivities. Projections show a range of trends for comparing and validating forecast.

Interested in learning more about the powerful projection and forecasting tools within SalesForekast™? 

Check out the demo video to the right or click the link below to go to the SalesForekast™ website.