The fourth quarter of 2017 is rapidly approaching which means that the clock is ticking to become compliant with the ELD Mandate going into place on December 18. In less than three months, every commercial vehicle on the road will be required to have an electronic logging device to record its hours of service.

Here at Guilford Group, we’ve been playing an active role in ensuring that our clients have an affordable option to become fully compliant. We’ve gotten a few recurring questions that have shaped this list of common misconceptions we’ve seen regarding the mandate.


Myth #1 - Having an AOBRD (automatic onboard recording device) installed in my fleet means that I am ELD compliant

This is FALSE. Having an AOBRD installed doesn't automatically qualify you for compliance, because the mandate requires more than basic AOBRD. The ELD Final Rule has more stringent capability and reporting requirements. That said, in certain cases AOBRD-equipped fleets have an additional 2 years to become compliant even after the December 18th deadline. We can help determine if you qualify for this exclusion.


Myth #2 - I already comply with the ELD Final Rule because I have a tracking app on driver phones (but no hardware installed directly in the vehicles in my fleet)

This is also FALSE. ELD compliance requires both software and hardware for tracking and must be FMCSA registered. The installation and management of these systems is a large component of what our team focuses on every single day.


Myth #3 - It's going to be expensive to purchase and install all of this new hardware for my fleet

Thankfully this is FALSE as well. Through our partnership with J. J. Keller, any transportation company can have access to this technology for between $24 and $50/truck/month. And compliance aside, the system is built to provide incredibly useful tools that help you manage your fleet easily, improve safety, and reduce cost.

For more information, we have a short white paper with more information on the ELD mandate and who is affected.  Click here for more information, or call us at (317) 814-1035 x600 to talk to an expert today!