Companies are constantly facing the pace of change in today’s business world due to the pressure of increasing revenues with existing customers while adding new customers.  As a result, companies are constantly looking for additional ways to contain cost by being more efficient due to limited, capital resources.  

Guilford Group has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses develop software solutions that have dramatically changed the way business is conducted by:

  • Gaining insights into customers and sales channels as well as  identifying patterns and key customer segments.
  • Delivering automation for both greater accuracy and lower costs in manufacturing processes, customer service, logistics, etc.
  • Quickly generating  reports  to provide decision makers with the information they need
  • Providing on-the-go information that  allows rapid, real-time communication with customers, suppliers and employees.
Business Efficiency Solutions

Our expertise is in multiple platforms such as Java, Microsoft, “C’ Suites, Mobile Technologies, and Web Technologies. Through our partners we have access to an even wider range of additional capabilities. We use “agile” and “waterfall” approaches where appropriate to ensure the best use of resources for you. 

We can provide blended sourcing when our customers desire to leverage lower off-shore costs With these blended teams, the client interface and project team lead roles are always based in the US.

We have broad experience in highly scalable systems, high-volume transaction processing, and network optimization; with business intelligence, reporting systems, business metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and executive dashboards. We are certified in several leading technologies.


Guilford Group’s culture creates consistency in the level of skill and service we receive from them, regardless of the consultant performing the work. We love Guilford Group’s personal touch. They’re easy to do business with and their employees feel like part of our own group. They’re very skilled technically, but they don’t talk over our heads in their communication. They speak our language, and their knowledge of our business is just as valuable to us as their technical skill. They are committed to our business.
— Drew McCullough, VP of IT, AV Logistics


Case Studies