Guilford Group’s people, process and technical expertise combined with their proven methodology for software development was exactly what we needed to get to the next level. We don’t have to worry about the continuous cycles of training and certification required to take advantage of the latest development tools, and our core employees can focus more on business and customers.
— Paul Rhodes, President – DecisionBase

The rapid pace of technology evolution is creating opportunities for most businesses to both grow and improve their operations.  In today's business world, more and more companies are constantly evaluating their business processes and looking for ways to build competitive advantages.  As a result, companies are looking for software technology partners that can provide relevant expertise and business collaboration.  


We have helped many different businesses in commercial, retail and other niche sectors bring business driven software solutions to market that are fast, with uncompromising quality.  By partnering with us, we bring technical expertise as well as an unwavering ability to implement solutions that truly work.  We are able to support a company's strategy, vision and value proposition from helping to determine the right solutions to executing detailed implementation plans.


Guilford Group has developed a range of solutions for different market segments that include:  safety monitoring and qualification system, medical information displays with both numeric and graphical data, e-Learning projects, improved billing & financial analysis systems and customer survey management processes.






Case Studies