Logistics / Warehousing

I have been affiliated with Guilford Group for the past 20 years. Guilford Group has been a major part of our IT program. We are a company that never had an IT Department so Guilford Group was our sole source of IT expertise. I have worked very closely with Guilford Group’s team on numerous projects. They are a very professional and easy to work with group with a great track record of completing our projects on time and within budget. When we experienced any problems with our systems they resolved them quickly so that our company would not experience downtime that would affect our business. I would highly recommend Guilford Group to work on any future projects.
— Cindy Pulley, IT Services Coordinator

Guilford Group has a long-standing affiliation with the Logistics & Warehousing industry. We have built and directed numerous business driven software solutions to automate processes and improve business efficiency. Our experience has been throughout the supply-chain.  This includes distribution, warehousing, 3PL, etc. 

We have helped a variety of clients maximize operations, contain costs, improve communication and provide access to data when and where needed.  We have accomplished process improvements by leveraging our mobile and web based technology platform expertise. 


Projects include hand held for warehouse inventory, scheduling system which manages over 800 contractors and vendors in multiple developments, manage domestic shipments through various modes of transportation to create a seamless door-to-door product, help customers compress cycle time, lower overall transportation cost, maximize supply chain efficiency, and dramatically improve service.



DEEP industry knowledge.  diverse experiences.  PROVEN BUSINESS RESULTS.  

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