Guilford Group and its partners have established and implemented cost savings projects, productivity plans, and a continuous improvement culture that clearly and directly shows on P&L. Our team follows a clearly outlined process to help identify weaknesses and opportunities. After determining and implementing new processes, Guilford Group continuously monitors and reports outcomes to further improve efficiencies. Our process follows:

1. Separate Selling, General , & Administrative Expenses into Growth vs Support

  • Growth Selling, General,  & Administrative Expenses as % of sales to increase over time

    • Growth Selling, General & Administrative Expenses includes Selling, Marketing, R&D

  • Rationalize support costs to invest in growth

2. Institutionalize Productivity and Continuous Improvement Processes

  • Reduce complexity

    • Rationalize brands

    • Optimize manufacturing footprint

    • Rationalize SKUs

    • Design for Six Sigma

    • Value Analysis & Value Engineering

    • Optimize distribution, logistics, and supply chain

3. Recruit and Retain Best-In-Class Talent

4. Spread Best Practices Globally

  • Provide Functional Oversight

5. Continuously Monitor and Report Outcomes



Case Studies

Company Project Link
Porex Corporation Over $350M in Value Creation PDF
Aearo Technologies $1 Billion of Value Creation PDF
Defenders Security Improved Inventory Management Processes Creating over $1M in Savings PDF
Victor Technologies Over $500M in Value Creation PDF
Andersen Corporation Utilized Lean Manufacturing Tools to cut Costs by 12% PDF
Hamilton Roofing Transition Strategy to Develop Professionally Run Enterprise PDF
Mather & Platt Complete Business Process Redesign PDF
Chromalox Process Redesign to Double Market Value PDF
Rochester Public Utilities Optimized Management Processes to Streamline Operations PDF