The Product

Sales forecasting based on sales trends and co-relation with selected macro-economic data. Includes key  competitive and customer activity tracking.

Key Functionality

  • Automatically uploads sales history into application
  • Links sales to selected key economic indicators
  • Provide list of economic indicators that correlate with sales
  • Provides multi-dimensional sales forecasts for business
  • Consolidated list of Top Competitors News
  • Consolidated list of Top Customers News

Product Details

This is a forecasting tool designed to help smaller to mid-size companies in the broad industrial, manufacturing, construction and transportation sectors with sales in the $100 million to $500 million range. For forecasting it (a) uses multi-variate regression analysis with a base of 26 US econometric indicators to determine which external indicators provide the best fit (econometric indicators include GDP, CPI, manufacturing spending, employment, etc.) (b) uses forecast for the key variables determined to provide a quarterly sales forecast and (c) uses the company’s own sales data and trends.    

The model provides valuable insight on which external factors most impact company sales. This gives senior management indication of which factors to more closely follow.

In addition, it can consolidate key competitor and key customer news in one place for senior management.

Experience has shown that this analysis should be done at least every six months, but can be done quarterly.