Within the blink of an eye, two more technologies have been invented or enhanced that could possibly assist your business. In this lightning fast world of technology, we are constantly challenged to stay knowledgeable…and then to decide what pieces to use, if any, and at what cost. Every company has an opinion of whether they want to be bleeding edge, leading edge, fast follower, follower or stay the course. With each approach comes a decision on whether the current technology deployed will meet the future needs of the business. Demands of the business change regularly to keep pace with the market, yet deployment of new technology must address not only the support of the existing world but also the ramp of skills and capabilities to support the new, let alone the capital outlay to acquire, test and implement the new technology.

At Guilford Group, we stay apprised of “what’s out there” and work to assist you in making the right, business value-add choice for your business. We are not only aware of the specifics behind the latest technologies, but also understand the right and wrong time to use the technology to solve a business problem. Cloud computing, bandwidth management and mobile enterprise solutions are just a few of the many topics that are being debated. Where should we spend the money? Is it necessary? How will it enhance the business? What if I do not move forward? How do I justify the expenditure? These are all topics that our professionals can help you work through.

Without an eye towards total cost of ownership, technology is just technology. With an eye to the overall impact, it can be the right ticket. We understand the difference.